Some Information

When you are going to enter a cat, do this:

1. Sign in the cat through our website
2. Pay the fee within 10 days
3.You will get a confirmation sent from Entry Clerk


Is it expensive to exhibit at a CFA show?

To show in Sweden costs 1100 crowns in fee, it is during the Early Bird price.
For that amount  your will be judge by 10 judges.
Each judge will make their finals, which means your cat can win 10 times in a weekend.
This means that each judgement  costs 110 crowns.
After you've got six judegements, your cat may become CFA Champion.
In CFA, we don´t call the winners Best In Show, we call it Top Ten

The best cats will be placed  from 1-10 in each ring.


A helper to first-time exhibitors